I Have A Secret

Life is busy with definitely not enough hours in the day.  Who has good intentions on making time to work out but can’t quite fit it in between active parenting, work, and running endless errands?  Right?! However, I have a secret.  It’s a good one too.  You might want to sit down for this.  You can change your body in less than 30 minutes a day with two rest days a week.  There, I said it.

All of the life-changing information I have received is one click away.  https://thebettyrocker.com/.  Her name is Bree, but she goes by Betty Rocker.  She has developed an easy to follow program that I want to share based on how it’s benefited me.  FYI, I did not receive any compensation for this post.                     


You don’t know what to eat?  No problem, Bree has developed an eating plan down to an entire grocery…

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Note To Self

I’ve reached “that” birthday when the DMV comes calling and wants a more recent picture for your license. You know, the one that actually looks like you now. Thankfully I have the greatest children in the world. They said I look exactly the same as my last one. I won’t tell them the lines on the card aren’t flaws on the plastic. The truth is, I am totally alright with aging. I haven’t always been on speaking terms with the clock, but I have either given into the inevitable or grew accustomed to myself. Wow, I am truly that cliche, comfortable in my own skin. Life wouldn’t be what it is without all those bumps we narrowly avoided and the ones we hit head-on. Either way, we have wisdom and some gray hairs to prove that we not only made it, but we are still going strong with our creeks…

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